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 Rules of the forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:25 pm

No cursing is allowed on the site, in or out of character, especially to other members.

2. Discrimination of other members or their works will not be tolerated.

3. Discrimination towards another's religion or political standings will not be tolerated as well. As a matter of fact, they are unspeakable subjects. Why? PM me for details.

4. Respect towards your fellow members is key on this site. The only time you may be disrespectful or rash to another person is during a RP dispute. This is espected from rivaling schools.

5. No one may kill off another member (or pet) without first getting that members permission through private messaging.

6. Fanfiction and fanart is open to all topics including crossovers, but if your fanfic/fanart has explicit content please inform of it in your topic Title.

7. Spamming of any kind will lead to deletion of the member who caused it. All spamming posts may be linked to me so that I may delete it.

8. Dormitories must consist of two students each. Please do not post on that board if you do not have a roommate. Posts without one will be deleted.

9. Limit of 3 characters per member on the site. Separate accounts are acceptable, just make sure to inform a mod or admin.

10. When Roleplaying PLEASE capitalize your I's and begin letters of your sentences. Please also spell out words completely. No u= you or r= are.

11. No double posting. Especially if you're posting just to post for no reason or to raise your post count.

12: Please register before posting *it helps the forum to become more alive*

13: Please try to type/post more then 1 word or emoticon

14. Please dont use the report button to advertise stuff it is only for reporting something offensive!

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the forum   Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:49 pm

Don`t vory for me!
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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the forum   Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:12 pm

I shall respect rules!
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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the forum   

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Rules of the forum
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